Posted by
Paolo De Gregorio
Apr 1, 2018

cooper fx generation loss

Cooper FX is a rather new manufacturer that focuses on quirky and textural pedal designs that – we may add – are constantly sold out and rather pricey when you find them.

The Cooper FX Generation Loss is presented as a VHS tape emulator, i.e. a lo-fi “character adder” for the guitarist that finds solace in sonic filth.

In 2019, Chase Bliss Audio released their own version of this pedal, in collaboration with Tom Cooper: the Chase Bliss Audio Generation Loss.

Here are a couple of recent videos.


The Generation Loss recreates the degradation found on old worn out VHS tapes. The Generation Loss can be used to create lo-fi textures featuring random pitch fluctuations, high and low frequency loss, white noise, and sample rate reduction.

Noise – white noise generator
LP – Low pass cutoff frequency
HP – High pass cutoff frequency
Gen – Controls the sample rate
Span – Sets the intensity of the pitch warble
Speed – Sets the speed of the pitch warble
Clean Blend – Go from 0% wet to 100% wet allowing for chorus and vibrato