Champion Leccy Zander Circuitry The Brew

A boutique, limited-edition, cross-Atlantic collaboration between Pennsylvania’s Champion Leccy and England’s Zander Circuitry, The Brew is a fuzz pedal full of different flavors. The pedal consists of the marriage of two existing circuits, one by each builder, each featuring its own footswitch.

The Zander side on the right is a synthy-sounding fuzz inspired by the Harmonic Perculator, while the left side of the pedal is a Mosfet-transistor boost.

Three toggle switches gives you several tonal options:

Clart: lo-gain/hi gain switch, turns the boost into an overdrive
Hip Ass: Tree-way high pass filter on the boost side
Clip: Changes the gain structure of the fuzz, making it louder and more open

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1 X RED KNOB CHARITY VERSION ($200) serial no. #01CL

We will be offering serial #01CL (the special one with red knobs) as a special charity model. It will be listed for $200. ALL $200 will go into a special raffle. ALL proceeds from that raffle go to Movement for Black Lives, and will give you a chance to win another pedal!

Just to be clear, that means $200 goes to charity and you get 20 tickets in the raffle.

The Brew is a limited run that we’re doing with our good friend (and fellow Brit) Zander Circuitry.

It is a special stripped down and re-voiced version of the Zander Cafetiere twinned with a Fettle Boost. It covers all ground from boost to ridiculous fuzz, and many combinations in between.

If you’re in the UK/EU it’ll be best to check out the Zander Circuitry website so you don’t get hit with a bunch of extra import fees.