Filter Pedals

Vongon Paragraphs Resonant Filter

Tsakalis AudioWorks Phonkify Envelope Filter + Wah + Octave

New Pedals: Flower Pedals Hosta

Electro-Harmonix MOD 11 Modulator

New For NAMM 2020: TWA Wahxidizer Envelope Controlled Fuzz

SolidGoldFX Lysis – octave down fuzz with modulation

Chase Bliss Audio / Cooper FX Limited Edition Generation Loss

SolidGoldFX 76 Plus – Octave Up Fuzz & Filter

Alexander Pedals Wavelength Tremolo

Yellowcake Psychotropia – sample/hold filter + glide

SolidGoldFX introduces two new Fuzz prototypes: Communication Breakdown and 76 Plus

Walrus Audio Kangra Filter Fuzz