We all know, by now, that Japanese people have a special talent for making great guitar pedals. What we didn’t know, and are discovering today, is that they can also come up with some pretty darn interesting names for them!

For those who got used to BOSS’ typical two-letter+number name format, stompboxes named ‘Fishing is as Fun as Fuzz’  and ‘I Was a Wolf in the Forest’ might trigger a 180 degree reconsideration of pre-conceived notions about Japanese sense of humor… which is good! (For other weirdly name pedals, you can see the full line up of Ninevolt Pedals here).

But leaving questionable jokes aside, this company has been making a certain amount of waves since it started manufacturing pedals in 2015 (Ninevolt actually started as a pedal distribution company in 1991).

Its goals are clear:

The vision for Ninevolt Pedals is an affordable pedal line,
that offers boutique tone and aesthetics.

Their line currently consists of four gain pedals, one delay, one reverb, and one compressor, all characterized by super cute illustrations featuring in most cases bears intent in various fun activities like skating, relaxing and playing baseball.

Listen to them all out below!  Clicking on the images will open the pedal’s video.