Brooks Blackhawk Balrog V3

The concentration of pedal (and synth!) builders in the Portland, OR area is truly astounding – we witnessed that passion last year at our super-packed PDX Pedal and Synth Expo, a last hurray before the crowdless COVID days.

Today we discover a new builder from that city, Brooks Blackhawk,  which is squarely focused on hand-built pedals and amps for metal music.

According to our friends at GuitarPedalX, their newest pedal Balrog V3 will do the job for both Metal and Doom/Sludge guitarists, and sound like a super-high gain Muff.

You can hear the sound of the Brooks Blackhawk Balrog V3 in the videos below.

The BALROG DISTORTION brings you the molten high gain fire of MOUNT DOOM through a trio of TL072 opamps.

The new V3 version brings more available treble and the ability to scoop the mids ( PLENTIFUL mids still on tap) for more modern brutal death/black/hardcore tones.
That “throaty” sound so many of us crave.

Capable of sheer brutality into even the cleanest amp it can also deliver excellent “edge of breakup” low gain tones as well. From huge overdrive boost to saturated gain it works perfectly for both tube and solid state amps.

Every order is built by hand for you, the customer. I usually need anywhere from 1-3 weeks to get to your build depending on how many orders I currently have.