Here’s the Brantone Electronics Tonemaster Mk1.5 Germanium Fuzz, a high end take from this UK company on the Tonebender type circuit, featuring top notch components, including the NOS Mullard OC75 transistors found in the original.

Just Nick is a huge fan of this pedal, and, in the video below, names it as his favorite version of the Tonebender fuzz for its expressiveness and versatility, check it out!


  • Hammond 1590BB enclosure
  • Durable ‘Bullion’ gold powder coated finish
  • Tag-board circuit construction
  • Allen Bradley carbon composite resistors
  • Heavy duty Carling footswitch
  • Stainless steel control panel
  • High quality components, hardware, Neutrik jacks & Alpha potentiometers
  • NOS 1960’s Mullard Black Glass OC75 matched and tested transistors