Black Cat

DualĀ gain pedals are all the rage these days, here’s Black Cat‘s take on the Fuzz+Drive, in Deluxe version!

The new Black Cat OD-Fuzz is the latest evolution of this well-known classic from the Black Cat line. The OD-Fuzz is a versatile, two-channel distortion/fuzz box that combines the Black Cat OD-1 with a modified Fuzz Face style circuit in one pedal. Each channel of the OD-Fuzz has its own set of controls with separate LEDs for each side. The two channels can be used separately or together in combination. Each channel has its own distinct sound, but the blend of both channels together will yield an incredibly wide range of tonal possibilities, from slightly overdriven to full-blown fuzz. The controls become highly interactive when both effects are engaged. – More info here.