Everybody’s saying that the guitar pedal market has reached its peak, but after seeing how many new designs were unveiled at NAMM 2017, that notion seems rather debatable… It’s particularly encouraging to see new technology applied to stompboxes, and DigiTech’s FreqOut was one of the most intriguing new products in that department. So intriguing that it just got named “Best Pedal of NAMM 2017” by Music Radar – end even Best Guitar Effects put it in its Best of NAMM list.

An American company founded in 1984, DigiTech is one of the veterans of the pedal “circuit,” that in recent years has zoned in on the stompbox format, churning out edgy and sometimes even unique new effects, always graced with elegant graphics (check out this recent Deli/Gearphoria article about DigiTech’s Marketing Manager Tom Cram, the man behind this “wave” of new pedals).

FreqOut, one of the two new stompboxes unveiled at NAMM together with the Cab Driver, represents a new attempt at creating feedback “in-the-box” (i.e. without having to get in front of your amp to trigger it). Many other pedals attempted to recreate that effect, with always more or less “artificial” results. DigiTech’s goal was to create something as natural sounding as the real thing, at any volume, and it sounds like they succeeded.

More features include:

Adjustable feedback Onset (delay before feedback begins),
Gain (feedback level to balance with your dry signal),
Dry On/Off, latching or momentary operation,
7 Harmonic Feedback types,
true bypass, and a rugged road-tough steel chassis.

Check out the video below, and hear for yourself.