The video above was shot at our 2023 Portland Synth & Pedal Expo. See the pictures of all our events here: Pedals – Synths.

These are excerpts of the feedback we received about the show from the vendors.

“I was very happy with this show. It felt relaxed and I was grateful for the extra space. I was happy with the turnout, especially considering Sunday was a rainy day. I always had a music enthusiast to talk to. I would describe the traffic as conducive to us being back at the show next year. – Joe (Eventide)

“On a scale of 1-10 I would give it an 8 or 9. the traffic was great for an event of this size. The layout was nice and allowed for a natural flow. [We had] lots of comments on how people just wanted to get 1on1 time with certain products and this event facilitated that.” – Kody (Novation)

“I was very happy with this event. The traffic was perfect, steadily busy but not too crazy. Lots of great interested musicians, and cool vendors as well! I like all the vendors you are inviting to the events. Keep it up! – Michael (Empress Effects)

“We enjoyed the Synth Expo yet again! I loved the space and felt there was more room for us to set up and space for folks to enjoy. […] We had a ton of engagement at the booth. Strengths: community interest, location, space.Kevin (Soma Synths)  

“The Synth & Pedal Expo is such a fantastic event for brands large and small to connect one-on-one with the musicians in the local community in a profoundly meaningful way. The Portland event was one of the best to date with a terrific venue and a great turnout of very engaged attendees.” – Tony (Voodoo Lab)

“We were very happy with the experience and are planning to attend again next year. We had a steady stream of people at our tables.” – Kate (Playtime Engineering)

“We were very happy with this experience. Advance communication was great and we felt well prepared and informed of what we needed to do and bring. We had a range of people stopping by our table, some who knew Valco FX and wanted to check out a specific pedal and others who were somewhat familiar or completely unaware of our brand. We always like more sales (of course!) but were satisfied with what we sold.” – Chris (Valco FX)

“I sold really well, and tons of people stopped by. Generally a success, thanks for putting it on!” – Evan (New Systems Instruments)

“It was excellent! Great venue. Great feedback from customers, steady traffic.” – Daniel (Ashun Sound Machines)

“We were very satisfied with the expo. The level of traffic was mostly good, especially on Saturday. We mostly had “high quality” attendees. That is, they were good prospects for synth-related products. We made a few sales. Enough to cover the show and expenses.” Darryl (Conductive Labs)

“I was very happy with the number of people who interacted with our gear. Great venue and atmosphere.” – Gerry (Sequential/Oberheim)

Catalinbread enjoyed its first experience with the Synth & Pedal Expo. It ran smoothly and professionally. Both days seemed relatively busy. We had great discussions and insight gained from end-user experience. [Sales] covered the 8 foot table cost + enough for a few of those delicious hot dogs next to our booth. – Tom (Catalinbread)

“It was good. Better than NAMM because it was easier to talk to people. [Sales were] higher than Brooklyn but more would have helped. I did pick up a dealer.” – Chris (Uniion Tube and Transistor)

“I think it went well. The event space was nice and there was good traffic throughout, especially Saturday. I was busy most of the time. Sales were good, I sold more stuff than I did at your LA event!” – Devin (Weston Precision Audio)

“I was very happy overall. Great space, vibe, and people. Traffic was strong and steady. The layout of the booths allowed for a lot of people to co-mingle comfortably. Very well organized and executed.” – Tim (Podular Modcast)

“I thought the outcome was very well received on our end, in particular considering that our gear is very different from Eurorack. Saturday was very busy and we had a really great response that day. Sunday was a bit more relaxed.” Sky (Prism Circuits)

“Very happy overall, we had some pretty busy swells, almost always had a few people there even in slower moments, totally manageable though. Beautiful space, lots of engaged locals and brand reps coming to PDX.” – Jason (Control Voltage)

“I had a great time at the event, the location was wonderful and the building was a really nice atmosphere! It was great being able to meet all of the different musicians and vendors throughout the weekend. This event really helped get our name out there as a newer/small synth brand!” – Ethan (Krypt Modular)

“The facilities were great, the layout of the event was good, and there was a nice selection of other makers. I met a lot of nice people and the overall vibe of the event was very positive. We got a lot of good feedback on our modules and gear. It was a nice hands-on crowd.”Jack (Setonix Synth)

“Overall experience was great. The people and other vendors generally seemed to be there to have a good time and try out gear. […] I had several people come through and spend time with my pedals, and got a lot of wonderful feedback.” –  Mike (Steggo Studio)