Best New Pedal Releases: October 2023

October 2023 was not a particularly busy month in terms of pedal releases, but it brought us a number of very interesting new devices.

On the creative side of things, Meris upgraded their Mercury reverb with the MercuryX, whose modular engine is inherited by their flagship LVX reverb. Old Blood Noise, on the other hand, unveiled a peculiar multi-gain pedal with modulation and double or triple tracker with stereo and… trereo capabilities!

Another similarly weird gain release was the Gecko Pedals O-Face, which assigns an LFO to an overdrive’s controls, while the fuzz side of things gifted us with another mad creation by London’s Reinger FX.

But there were plenty of more or less classic releases, from Universal Audio’s much anticipated Plexi-style amp-in-a-box to Benson’s first delay to Eventide drive+Uni-Vibe pedal.

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