Best New Guitar Pedals 2018

After this year’s NAMM (which we covered in this über-thorough gallery of new pedal releases), we published this Best of NAMM 2018 aggregate list, compiling the “Best of”s published by 5 sites.

We then decided to ask our readers, through this poll, what they thought were the most intriguing new stompboxes of 2018 from the list of the pedals that made the aggregate list. We got nearly 3k votes!

Well, the results of that poll are in!

Here are the top 10. You can find the full list—featuring 46 pedals—here.

  1. Electro-Harmonix 95000 Looper
  2. Dunlop 535Q Mini-Cry Baby
  3. Line 6 HX Effects
  4. Empress Effects Zoia
  5. Ibanez Nu Tube Screamer
  6. JHS Pedals Bonsai
  7. Catalinbread Epoch Pre
  8. Ernie Ball Expression Tremolo
  9. Alexander Pedals Colour Theory
  10. Keeley Ecco Delay

The pedals on positions 11–46 can be found here. Here’s an interactive gallery of the top 10: