The first Stompbox Exhibit at NAMM is next week (Summer NAMM in Nashville!) and we want to take the opportunity to highlight the various boutique manufacturers who will be participating.

Holowon is a small company based in Rochester, NY specializing in hand-built effect pedals. All their designs are 100% originals – no clones or copies – and they currently have 12 stompboxes on their “roster.” Their effects utilize complete true bypass switching, hand-built point-to-point circuitry and wiring, virtually indestructible construction, and a lifetime warranty.

Their latest pedal, called “Tape Soup,” is a true pitch shifting vibe.  It gives you everything from subtle, bouncy vintage amp shakes to smudgy smears reminiscent of cassette players on the verge of mangling your tape.  Shapeable attack/decay waves and an extremely wide speed range can push your tone into a full modulation stew.

Here are a couple of videos that will give you an idea of how it sounds.