I’m sure being US based is a great advantage for a guitar pedal manufacturer, considering the size of the American market and its obsession with stompboxes. But looking at the pictures of Dawner Prince has on their homepage of their homeland (Imotski, Croatia) I don’t think many people would hesitate one second to trade that advantage for those landscapes – at least for a couple of weeks per year!

This boutique manufacturer was founded in 2009, and produces sophisticated guitar equipment devices that strive to be innovative, versatile, and functional.

From their dealers list it seems like Canada is already in love with these pedals  – they have a couple of dozens shops selling them there – while the US are way behind with only 3. Dawner Prince’s presence at our Summer NAMM Stompbox Exhibit will surely help them get many American dealers familiar with their products, which are currently two:

The Diktator: a two channel combination of clean, transparent preamp / booster and rich overdrive / distortion that can work independently (see video below).

Starlaa compact size,all-feature tap tempo optical tremolo (see video below)