New from Australia, Ark Atom unveiled their first pedal called the Grumpkin, a three knob overdrive with a “Magic” know that open things up a little on the high end.

Check out the video by our favorite Australian pedal-videographers The SuperFunAwesomeHappyTime Pedal Show!

A Tube-like overdriven breakup with a “magic” knob that adds in a clean trebly top end to the overdriven sound. You’ll be hardpressed wiping that smile off your face using the clean blend.

What’s different about the Grumpkin?

1) The volume knob works with your amp to utilise its own characteristics. With a surprising amount of volume available, this front end boost may be all you need.

2) Gain. Not your traditional clone of any pedal, this is our design. Grumpkin has been designed from the ground up, and with its careful gain-staging, the tone has been dialled in to give you something that is versatile enough to handle both rhythm and lead guitar players.

3) Magic. The trebly clean blend. Just dial in the gain, drive the amp with the volume knob and then set the extra articulation with Magic. The Grumpkin shines with low gain and high Magic levels.