Anasounds Ages

The Anasounds | Ages is an optical tremolo with sinus, triangle and square LFO options that can also be purchased in a DIY kit. It’s a pedal that looks simple, but that’s actually packed with functions.

It features all the classic controls you’ll expect in a tremolo apart from the rate knob, because everything is done through the Tap Tempo footswitch, which also a trigger self-oscillation momentary effect if held for more than 500ms, and Killswitch functionality (both momentary and Killswitch mode).

The On/Off footswitch also features some alternative functions, with the Trimpot mode activated when held for more than 2 seconds.  This will change the knobs the following ways:

• DEPTH becomes FREE_SUBDIVISION, to fine-tune the timing of the wave.

• RATE becomes SYMMETRY, which allows to edit the shape of the LFO wave

• The LFO switch gets you 3 additional shapes: A random shape, a sin(x)+sin(2x) and finally sin(x)+sin(3x)+sin(5x).

• The subdivision rotary switch gets you new divisions: 7/8, 3/4, 5/8 et and 1/4.

Just like its optical brother Sliver, with which it shares all of the above functions,  its rate can be controlled through Anasounds’ manual “fidget spinner” gadget called Spinner.

The Sliver features your regular Out, Rate and Depth knobs, with found subdivision options at 2/1, 4/4, 1/2 and 1/3.

Four internal trimpots let you fine-tune the saturation of the modulating signal (bass and treble).

Check out the videos below.

a new sonic trip

Harmonic tremolo is one of the rarest and most interesting effects, allowing you to make your sound highly personal.
It brings a much livelier motion than a tremolo, it doesn’t have the outdated stigma of the chorus,
and it takes up less space than a delay or reverb.
Whether you’re looking to give your arpeggios a hypnotic edge or to add some thickness to your melodic lines,
the Ages brings you a new take on modulation.