Delicious Readers, here’s the new Scooptacular Giveaway!


The T-Rex Tonebug Board V (MSRP: $1,100) comes with 5 must-have Tonebug pedals – Reverb, Overdrive, Distortion, Phaser,
Chorus/Flanger – and FuelTank Chameleon power supply.

Bring dry, flat-sound guitar playing to life with the ToneBug Reverb; Add dynamic undulating shimmer to your sound with the ToneBug Phaser; Fuzz things up via the rich, tubey-sounding ToneBug Distortion; Give your sound a warmer edge with the ToneBug Overdrive; and Add rich dimension to your playing with the ToneBug Chorus + Flanger pedal.

ToneBug pedals combine the same classic T-Rex tone found on the pedal boards of many of the world’s greatest guitarists
with intuitive, uncomplicated controls, retro design, and rugged construction.

Add some T-Rex Tonebug to your sonic palette. Enter Now!

The Delicious-Audio Staff