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The two dual gain pedals in the new Dept 10 series by Blackstar offers incredible tone and an unprecedented variety of sonic options and features, including:

  • Two separate channels with two modes each
  • A proprietary ISF knob that gives your tone a blendable amount of British and/or American character.
  • Cab simulation with XLR out for direct recording
  • USB Audio interface for DAW recording and Midi control
  • 3-Way EQ section common to both channels
  • Effects Loop

Oh and… there’s an actual tube in them!!! An ECC83 Triode Valve, to be precise.

This week we are giving two of our readers the opportunity to win one of these pedals of their choice!

Since the Dual Drive and the Dual Distortion have an identical configuration but different voicing, we thought our readers may want to get a better grasp of the sonic differences between them…

Watch the shootout video we produced, below, and sign up at the bottom of the page – good luck!

Or, check out the pedals independently (including the Dept 10 Boost) by clicking on the images below!


This contest has ended, we recorded the selection of the two winners on this Facebook post, and pasted a screenshot below. Their names are Cristopher from Oregon City and Mark from Montesano Washington.

winner 2