wampler reflection and equator

Brian Wampler and the folks at Wampler Pedals have just announced the availability of the two new pedals we had the privilege to demo at our NAMM booth earlier this year: the Reflection reverb and the EQuator EQ pedal.

Both pedals list for $199.97 and feature convenient top-mounted jacks, high-grade components selected for their superior sound and response and Wampler’s limited 5-year warranty.

The Reflection offers two gorgeous-sounding reverbs—spring and plate—in one very easy-to-use pedal. The spring setting faithfully replicates the “boing” and “drip” of the classic effect, while the plate places your tone in three-dimensional spaces that add class and character.

Although the sound is generated by complex algorithms, manipulating the resulting ambience is a breeze, thanks to an intuitive control layout with controls for Volume (mix), Tone, Pre-Delay (0–140ms) and Decay (all the way to infinity). In addition, internal switches let you adjust the effect’s tails and dry signal to your liking.

You can check out the Wampler Reflection in the video below and read more about the pedal at the company’s website.

Wampler’s EQuator makes it easy to sculpt your tone with precision. It features fixed Bass and Treble controls with a pair of semi-parametric controls to set your Mids frequencies and adjust the level of each. The Mid knobs’ frequencies are carefully defined, and Wampler has even marked the sweet spots to make dialing in the perfect tone easy.

You can use the EQuator to bring up only the mid frequencies necessary to make your instrument come alive in the mix, to dial back harshness or to reshape the tone of another pedal. It also has plenty of output to boost the front of your amplifier and can function as a fully customizable clean boost.

Learn more about the EQuator in the video below at Wampler’s website.