Walrus Audio Fundamental Ambient

The Walrus Audio Fundamental Ambient is the first new addition to the 8-pedal series released by the Oklahoma-based builder in 2023, and fills a rather crucial gap, since the company produces some of the most popular ambient reverb pedals.

Like its siblings, the Ambient is a streamlined and affordable stompbox. It does what it promises in three different flavors (aka, algorithms or modes), tweakable via three horizontal faders for Decay, Tone and Mix:

  • Deep mode gives you an open yet heavy reverb with an added low octave
  • Lush mode is bright and clean reverb with a long sustain, perfect for slow tracks
  • Haze mode delivers the gritty lo-fi character that’s become a Walrus Audio signature adding a slight distortion and a synth-like resonance to your tone

A long press on the footswitch will trigger Trails mode, which lets your reverb’s tails resonate after you switch off the pedal.