Definition of “HUGEONGOUS” from the online Merriam-Webster vocabulary: “very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, large; larger than thought humanly possible”

All right serial stompers, here’s a social media giveaway linked to our upcoming Brooklyn Stompbox Exhibit 2014. 14 pedals for 14 winners! 

There are two ways to submit:

1. Sign up for one or more pedals when you come to the Stompbox Exhibit (more info here)

2. Or follow the instructions for each one of the links below – good luck!

Big  Ear nyc – LOAF – Submit here
Black Cat Pedals  – OD-Boost – Submit here
Cusack – Tap-A Delay –
Submit here
Greer Amplification – Southland Harmonic Overdrive – 
Submit here
Henretta – Emerald Prince –
Submit here
Malekko Spring Chicken –
Submit here
Metal Pedal – Atom Bomb Booster
– Submit here
Moog – MF Drive – Submit here
Submit here
Red Witch Pedals – Rosetta –
Submit here
SolidGoldFx – 6 Was 9
 – For exhibit visitors only
TC Electronic – Ditto X2 – For exhibit visitors only
Walrus Audio – Descent Reverb/Octave Machine – Submit here
Wampler – Ego Compressor –  For exhibit visitors only

Good Luck!
The Brooklyn Stompbox Exhibit Organizers.