SURF III 1 large1Québécois pedal manufacturer SolidGoldFX will take the opportunity of its participation in the Brooklyn Stompbox Exhibit to present not one, not two but THREE new pedals: The Surf Rider III reverb (above picture), The Stutter-lite Tremolo and the Custom Shop BC108 If 6 Was 9. They are also readying the release of the Imperial fuzz.

The Surf Rider III is an updated and expanded variation the Surf Rider reverb designed to deliver warm, lush, 3-dimensional reverb tones ranging from small rooms, gated verbs, dense ambient washes and of course, classicSLFRONT large1 amp and surf sounds.  The depth and level controls give end users full access to the overall intensity and output of the pedal while the tone knob allows for fine adjustment of the reverb timbre making it easy to pair with any rig. A foot-switchable reverb level boost adds an additional reverb voicing while an expression pedal input offers on the fly Depth adjustments giving users the ability to create crashing tidal waves of sound.  Check out the video demo below.

Built around an all analog, discrete circuit and JFET audio path, the Stutter-lite  is designed to recreate the soft flutter and bubbling pulse of vintage bias modulated, tube amp style trems. We sure are diggin the retro cream graphics and frosted winter green enclosure!

BC108 large1

The If 6 Was 9 Custom BC108CS is a modern interpretation of the classic late 60’s, early 70’s, Fuzz Face with a tighter and more focused bass response and defined high-end presence, and flatter mids and a little more edge and bite, thanks to the pair of hand selected, new old stock BC108 silicon transistors that offer. Although the If 6 Was 9 BC108CS has a distinctly vintage flavour it is capable of generating an extremely wide range of useful fuzz sounds, from cutting old school grind to modern gated attack.

Inspired by the classic 4-stage Big Muff, the yet to be released Imperial BC183 is built around a fine tuned high-impedance JFET preamp, and offers noteworthy volume cleanup and dynamics, while a trio of BC183 transistors provides gobs of detailed, mid focused gain. It features the classic BMP tone stack found in vintage muffs with the addition of a 3-position toggle that allows for a much finer degree of control over the midrange content.

Come try these babies with your guitar at the upcoming Brooklyn Stompbox Exhibit!