This fall The Deli will present its first StompBox Exhibit in NYC.

The event will be free for all, but due to the small size of the hosting venues, we recommend you RSVP HERE for a priority pass.

Hosted at The Living Room’s Googies Lounge and Ludlow Guitar in the heart of Manhattan’s Lower East Side, the exhibit is scheduled for October 21 and 22, i.e. the busiest days of the CMJ Music Marathon 2011, an event which brings to the Big Apple thousands of musicians. Many big and small guitar pedal manufacturers will be present, including MOOG, TC Electronic, Line6, Eventide, T-Rex, Pigtronix and Z-Vex among others.

pedal board

Musicians are invited to bring their own guitars and plug in directly into the pedal boards. They will be able to test the pedals and hear the results directly in the headphones, which will be plugged into an amp emulation unit.