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This fall The Deli, Delicious Audio, Shure, Pedaltrain, and Main Drag Music will be presenting the 2012 edition of The NYC Stomp Box Exhibit at CMJ, a free, interactive display of guitar effect pedals.

At the exhibit we’ll be giving away about $5k in stomp boxes!! Here’s the list:

  • Earthquaker FULL BOARD of pedals! – (Value: $1,330)
    Bit Commander $175, Speaker Cranker $105, Hoof $165, Rainbow Machine $225,
    Grand Orbiter $185, Dispatch Master $185, Hummingbird $145, Tone Job $145 + Pedaltrain2
  • Strymon 3 pedals giveaway – (Value: $1,049)
    TimeLine ($449) + blueSky ($299) + Ola ($299)
  • MOOG MF-104M – (Value: $699)
  • Mooer 5 pedals giveaway – (Value: $495)
    Flex Boost ($99) + Green Mile ($99) + Hustle Drive ($99) + Ana Echo ($99) + Shim Verb ($99)
  • Wampler 2 Pedal givwaway – (Value $495
    Hot Wire + Tweed ’57
  • Malekko 2 pedal giveaway – (Value $300)
    Spring + Fuzz
  • 3 Leaf Audio PWNZOR – (Value $219)
  • Whipple Wah – (Value: $215) 
  • WMD Geiger Civilian Issue – (Value: $200)
  • Analog Alien Twister – (Value: $200)
  • Amptweaker – a pedal of your choice  – (Value: $180-200)
  • Pigtronix Philosopher’s rock – (Value $175)

Signup HERE for a priority pass.

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Exhibit Location:

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Hosted this year at Brooklyn’s guitar store Main Drag Music – located in the heart of Williamsburg – the exhibit is scheduled for October 19 and 20 (12pm-9pm), i.e. the busiest days of the CMJ Music Marathon 2012, a music industry fest which every year brings thousands of musicians and bands to the Big Apple.

Here’s a selection of the Distortion pedals you’ll be able to test – click on the image or here for more:

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pedal boardHeadphones will be provided once again by Shure, amp simulator by Line 6 and pedal boards by Pedaltrain. Guitar accessory Oknob will also participate to the exhibit.

Musicians are invited to bring their own guitars and plug them in directly into the pedal boards. They will be able to test the pedals and hear the results directly in the headphones, which will be plugged into an amp emulation unit.

Here are some photos from last year’s edition, hosted at The Living Room and Ludlow Guitars in Manhattan’s Lower East Side.

Signup HERE for a priority pass, and stay tuned for more news!

Nancy Kuo

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