TC Electronic’s Rusty (silicon) Fuzz belongs to the first wave of affordable stompboxes the Danish company unveiled last year, after being bought by Behringer.

Pedals and Effects just published this video about it:

Let’s see if it passes GearmanDude’s video test!


Rusty Fuzz delivers those vintage silicon-based fuzz tones of yesteryear that we’ve all come to know and love, but at a price point well below that of vintage gear so everybody can play along. From silky-smooth sustain to ripping velcro-fuzz tones, it’s all there! So whether you’re experienced or not (See what we did there?), this compact true bypass pedal is sure to cover your old-school fuzz needs.

  • Silicon-based transistor circuit
  • Vintage gated and velcro-fuzz tones
  • True bypass and top-mounted I/O

More info here.