Danish effect manufacturer T-Rex Effects, in partnership with Guitar Center, announced today the new co-developed Magnus boutique tone controller, which will be available exclusively through the mighty musical instrument retailer and its online subsidiary Musicians Friend.

This new pedal represents an interesting format, since it’s a collection of five custom designed boutique effect boxes combined in a sleek board, and the affordable cost (only $399 Street Price)¬†makes it very palatable – plus you save on cables!!! ¬†

The included effects are T-Rex Overdrive, Distortion, Delay, Reverb, and Boost, combined with a built in tuner. But the most intriguing side of it are the boards’ two modes of operation: Live and Preset.

In Live mode, Magnus lets you switch individual effects on and off and adjust them while you play, as if they were separate pedals. In Preset mode, you can program up to 10 preset combinations of Magnus’ five effects, and then quickly call up entire sonic realms on the fly by clicking a single footswitch, without switching individual pedals on/off. For guitarists who need to turn more than one effect at a time, that could be quite literally a life saver.

Check out the video below.