The Supro Chorus is a quality, all-analog and full-stereo chorus-vibrato, delivers a luscious, tri-dimensional effect with plenty of headroom.

Its controls are your usualĀ Speed, Time and Depth, with the exception of the innovative Dimension knob, which mixes the two channels of the Chorus into one another, creating an intermingling of the two delay lines being modulated in opposite directions.

This pedal is featured in our list of the Best Chorus Pedals.

The Supro Chorus is an all-analog, full-stereo modulation stompbox that uses a pair of genuine MN3007 Bucket Brigade IC chips to deliver the thickest, most luscious Chorus effect possible in pedal form, all while maintaining exceptional headroom. In addition to Speed and Depth knobs, the Supro Chorus features a Time control that increases the delay time on one side of the stereo field while shortening the delay time on the other side. Further increasing the available drama is a Dimension control, which mixes the stereo channels into one another for a mesmerizing intermingling of the two delay lines being modulated in opposite directions. A Vibrato switch removes the clean pass-through signal, allowing for pure pitch modulation with the Dimension knob, introducing a more complex, double vibrato effect. Runs on standard 9VDC.

Depth: Sets the amount of modulation
Speed: Sets the rate of modulation
Time: Changes the delay time of both chorus channels in opposite directions
Dimension: Mixes the two Chorus channels together
Vibrato: Eliminates the clean signal from the effect for pure pitch modulation