320 Design Sunakake

Brett Kingman introduces us to this obscure pedal by Japanese manufacturer 32o Design, called the Sunakake Gain Booster & Overdrive.

320Design is a Japanese company run by a graphic designer who also doubles as a pedal builder. Here’s their description (courtesy Reverb.com) of the Sunakake Boost/OD: “The Sunakake by 320design is a simple yet versatile booster and gritty sound overdrive pedal. It’s overdrive features a crunch like a saturated tube amp, and it can also be used as a booster with can be shaped via the tone and bass controls to create a thick and powerful sound. If you increase the distortion it begins to take on the nuances of a fuzz. It’s also useful for bass guitar. Built with carefully selected components and solder, and using a 320design original die cast aluminum case.”