Sitek vIXEN

Based out of Poland, husband and wife-run Sitek is a raising profile in the realm of stompboxes. Their Germanium booster Vixen is one of the standout pedals in a roster mostly focused on dirt boxes.

Vixen is a Rangemaster-inspired Booster built with New Old Stock Germanium transistor and diodes with a voice ranging from a classic treble booster sound to full-range or even bass boost, thanks to the Range knob, which is at the core of this pedal’s flexibility that allows it to sound great with both single-coil and humbucker pickups.

A 3-way switch gives you two additional clipping options that add more harmonic content to the signal. The pedal’s design makes it work seamlessly either before or after the buffer.


Meet the Sitek Vixen – our posh Muse. She will charm your tone with her elegance and timeless beauty. This Lady brings together the best of  vintage and modern class.

Vixen is a versatile booster allowing you not only to enrich your clean tone and add some presence and sparkle to your signal but also colour your tone with some gritty harmonics and push your next stage to some sweet crunch. Her Range knob gives you wide spectrum of boost from classic treble booster to full range boost with saturated low end. Vixen combines the classic vibe of Germanium with modern design, allowing her to be placed, either before or after the buffer and still achieving the full and dynamic sound.

This Muse is a 100% discrete analog circuit designed upon carefully biased gain stage, and is equipped with New Old Stock Germanium transistor. Vixen is suitable for both live and studio applications.

The pedal operates on a standard 9-12V DC power supply with a 2.1mm negative centre barrel or a 9V battery.

This pedal is hand build with high quality, hand selected and measured components

Momentary switch option

Our booster has a special switching mechanism designed to allow using the switch as latching (on/off) or momentary mode. If switch is pressed and held for longer than 1 second it works only until you keep pushing it.