Schu-Tone Luna Obscura Multi-FX

If you’re seeking a convenient pedalboard solution or have an affinity for the iconic sounds of Dark Side of the Moon, you may want to consider the Schu-Tone Luna Obscura.

This device consolidates a complete pedalboard into a single, 4-footswitch pedal inspired by David Gilmour’s setup during the Dark Side of the Moon era. It provides access to four distinct effects, each with its own footswitch:

  1. Fuzz: Modeled after a silicon fuzz face, ideal for achieving scorching lead tones. The Bright and Body controls offer additional sound customization.
  2. Boost Pedal + EQ: Based on the orange Powerbooster, featuring unique Drive and Volume controls that can push into overdrive territory or a louder clean boost. Treble and Bass controls are also present for added flexibility allowing you to tailor the sound to your preferences.
  3. The Vibe component replicates a photocell and bulb-based Uni-Vibe Circuit, delivering versatile Vibrato or Chorus through Speed and Depth controls. The Volume control ensures a consistent volume level when engaging this effect.
  4. The Delay emulates a 4-head rhythmic delay based on the Binson Echorec unit, offering up to 800ms of delay. The Mix and Swell controls facilitate the adjustment of delay prominence in the mix and the number of repeats. Notably, the Delay incorporates four separate heads, switchable via four toggles, enabling single delays or rhythmic delay patterns by activating multiple heads.

Schu-Tone Luna Obscura, Builder’s Notes

Come to the dark side with the Schu-Tone Luna Obscura!

The Luna Obscura is an all-in-one pedalboard in a single pedal. Based on David Gilmour’s rig from the Dark Side of the Moon era, this pedal has 4 separate pedals to choose from. The Fuzz is based on a silicon fuzz face that is perfect for nailing searing lead tones. The Bright and Body controls give you additional control over the sounds you get from the fuzz. The Boost Pedal is based on the orange Powerbooster. The Drive and Volume controls work together to give you amazing overdrive sounds and tons of volume boost on tap. What makes the Boost special is the Treble and Bass controls. The EQ section allows you to cut and boost the high and low end, allowing you to shape the sound to what you need.

The Vibe is a photocell and bulb based Uni-Vibe Circuit. Swirling modulation is at your fingertips as you move the Speed and Depth controls. From light modulation to seasick movement, it is all available to you. A Volume control for the Vibe makes sure that you will not experience any volume drop when you kick the vibe on. The Delay is a 4-head rhythmic delay based on the Binson Echorec unit. Unlike the Binson, this Delay is capable of up to 800ms of delay. Mix and Swell controls let you dial in how prominent the delay is in the mix and sets the amount of repeats you hear. What is unique about this delay is the 4 separate heads. Have one head active for single delays, or turn on multiple heads to create rhythmic delay patterns.

If you are looking for a simple grab and go pedalboard solution, or are just a massive fan of Dark Side of the Moon, the Schu-Tone Luna Obscura is the pedal for you!