best selling pedals 2018

The end of the year is approaching, and with it the “Best Pedals of 2018” lists.

Like we always do, we’ll pay close attention to these list, and compile an “aggregate” one that takes into account all the ones by other publications.

Of course, most of these lists are the product of the very subjective tastes of those who compile them, and that is why’s yearly “best selling” list stands apart as the only year end list entirely based on sales data.

As a word of warning, it needs to be mentioned that even this list is NOT 100% immune from the personal preferences of the insiders – for example, some pedals in it sold a lot on because of a promotional push the site did with the manufacturer, but probably didn’t sell as much in other stores.

This being said, considering the large share of the market Reverb has in the pedal niche, it’s still a very valuable look at what new pedals were successful in the year that’s about to end.

Check out our interactive gallery below of the 15 best selling pedals on Reverb, and also take a look at’s list of best selling overall pedals (new and old) here, which – interestingly enough – doesn’t include any of the 2018 stompboxes!