Posted by
Paolo De Gregorio
Sep 15, 2017

The results for the Best Pedal Emerging Manufacturer at the Brooklyn Stompbox Exhibit 2017 are in!

But, before we get to the results, a little explanation:


The Stompbox Exhibit’s “Best Emerging Pedal Manufacturer Contest” is an idea we launched at the 7th Brooklyn Stompbox Exhibit to support pedal companies that are not established yet.


We polled the visitors of the event and asked them to vote for their three favorite manufacturers in order of preference. We assigned 3 points for each time a company was picked as a first choice, 2 points when it was picked as 2nd choice, and 1 point when picked as third.


The prize for the top 3 companies is a $4-500 order in pedals and a manufacturer profile page like this one, on this very blog. These pedals will be sold through our new online shop (we are working on it!) and will also be available physically at Brooklyn’s Main Drag Music for those interested in trying them.


We are planning on having one of these contests at every Stompbox Exhibit event, so the next one will be linked to our upcoming Los Angeles Stompbox Exhibit, scheduled for the first weekend of December 2017 at the Sam Ash Hollywood store.


Simply sign up for the next Stompbox Exhibit! (You can email Paolo for more info).

Now that we got that out of the way… here are the three winners and the final top ten!

1. TWA 75 – (check out the Dynamorph)
2. Floating Forest 73 – (our own DIY video of the Drifter!)
3. Hungry Robot 69 – (check out the Wash)
4. Main Ace FX 66 – (video of the Space Invader Delay)
5. Rabbit Hole 63 – (check out the ‘Merkin Fuzz)
6. Hologram Electronics 61 – (Here’s the demo of the Infinite Jets)
7. Lightning Boy Audio 54 – (Video of the LB OD 2)
8. Montreal Assembly 49 – (The insanity of Count to Five)
9. Outlaw Effects 45 – (Hear three of their latest pedals!)
10. Lunastone 30 – (Check out their True OverDrive 2)
10. Union Tube & Transistor 30 – (Makers of the Third Man Bumble Buzz)
10. VHT Pedals 30 – (Check out the Micro 6 Amp)