Morgan Delt

LA-based Morgan Delt crafts acid-tinged tracks that are meant to be seen with your third eye. His music is blissful and hazy, with his soft vocals stretching across lush, textured instrumentals and sweet melodies. With such an expansive sound, we here at the Deli were curious about the kind of gear that goes into the making of his music, and luckily for us, Morgan recently shared a bit about the equipment he uses on his latest record, Phase Zero, out on Sub-Pop Records.

unnamed 1

“Here’s my live pedalboard. Guitar goes through the tuner, into the Fulltone OCD overdrive, the Mid-Fi Electronics Psych Byke fuzz, and the Strymon El Capistan then out to the amp.

Vocals go through the Eventide preamp and into the Strymon Timeline.   The Boss footswitch turns up the feedback on the delay so that I can make individual notes repeat. On the El Capistan you can hold down the tap switch to make the delay feedback which I use a lot on the guitar.

“On the album [Phase Zero], the only pedal I used was a Maestro Fuzz-Tone which you can hear a lot of on the song “The System of 1000 Lies”.  There’s also a lot of tape echo and spring reverb used all over the record.”

unnamed 4

Seymour Duncan Shape Shifter

“The synth parts were all played on the Korg Poly Ensemble P, often through the Shape Shifter tremolo pedal, and then with extra manipulation and effects sometimes added on the computer.  You can hear the Korg through the Fender spring reverb right at the beginning of “Some Sunsick Day.”  And on “Sun Powers” there are a lot of layers of the synth being played through the tremolo pedal to create the “radiation” types of sounds.”