Pettyjohn Electronics Odi

Lovers of the classic sound of the BOSS OD-1 Overdrive might want to check out this new boutique take on it by Pettyjohn Electrionics, the ODI.

Compared to the original, it features separate knobs for Lows and Highs for more flexible tone sculpting.

Here are the videos of the Pettyjohn Electronics Odi Overdrive.

Whether you have played the original pedal or not, you will experience instant sonic nostalgia when you plug in to the ODI, recognizing the tone heard on countless records over the last four decades.

The inspiration to make this pedal is a personal one to circuit designer Stephen Pettyjohn. Stephen’s first overdrive pedal back in high school was a 1978 Boss OD-1 and it served as his main overdrive for more than 10 years. He sold it when the prices for an original went sky high a few years ago but missing “that” sound he set out to recreate a pedal that captured the tonal characteristics that he loved about the original while adding the features he always wished he has on the original. 

The ODI features a streamlined control set for quickly dialing in killer vintage drive tones! There are knobs for Level, Gain, Lows and Highs, analogous to the other CORE series pedals.