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Here are a few quick news about new pedal releases and pedals in the works:

British hand manufacturer Green Carrots have a new baby: The Pumpkin Pi offers a double dose of Muff love with the IC78 Muff joined with the much sought after Russian Muff, a match made in heaven.

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Pedal Monsters is about to release their new reverb Well 2.0 Reverb (boards and component were ordered!). The price on this pox will be $135 when it’s released, but the custom effect company is already selling it to believers for $110 including shipping (email pedalmonsters [at} gmail.com if interested). More info on their website.

Wah lovers in search of vintage sounding wahs should look into DrNo Effects. After a long process dedicated to capturing the great vintage mystique, along finding the best and original components to get the best Vintage Wah Wah sound, the latest DrNo-Effect, the “Holy Wahcamoly,” is almost ready. More info here.

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We’ve been wondering whether Pigtronix was ever going to release a pedal for bass… well they just released 3!!! Check out the new line here and this fresh Philosopher Bass Compressor Official Demo: