Obscura Nieuws 01 vliegend1

The concept of what a delay is capable of has been turned on its head with the release of the Digitech Obscura Altered Delay. The Obscura allows for standard delay, but that’s only the beginning. You can literally twist, turn, chew, and spit out any kind of demented delay you can imagine.

Designed with the legendary functionality and flaws of the early tape-based delay/reverb units of yesteryear in mind, the Obscura features 4 modes: analog, tape, lo-fi, and reverse.

Degrade and tone knobs control the amount of signal degradation (just like on the old machines) and the high-frequency content of the repeats. Level adjusts the wet/dry effect blend, and the time and repeat knobs control the length of repeats and number of repeats, respectively.

The Obscura also features tap tempo, stereo inputs and outputs, a “Tails” switch for the option of having the decay of the effect remain when the pedal is switched off, as well as true-bypass operation in Digitech’s tried-and-true durable metal enclosure. – Brandon Stoner