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Browsing through our Facebook news, we stumbled upon BZZT Electronic‘s new pedal called SELEKTOR 16. This is a Fuzz Overdrive containing 4 couples of transistors sourced from around the world. Interestingly, the four circuits are named after the countries they were manufactured in: USA, Europe, Russia and Japan.

By mixing and matching the circuits through the two bottom knobs, this thing allows you to access a total of 16 unique circuit modes, which, in tandem with the GAIN, BIAS, and VOLT starving knobs allow for a variety of tonal possibilities. The voltage sag will get you ‘low bit’ tones and effects, while connecting the pedal to a lower wattage amp will produce natural clipping and more classic tones.

BZZT promotes this stompbox as something equally versatile and creative in the studio when applied to any instrument (in particular organs and drum machines), as used for its original purpose, i.e. plugged into a guitar.

Check out the video below for a few tones examples.