[This is a page from the Summer 2015 issue of The Deli Magazine, linked to the Brooklyn Stompbox Exhibit. You can read about more pedals here]

Our Brooklyn Stompbox Exhibit 2015 is just around the corner, and it’s time to highlight some of the hottest and newest pedals that you – stompbox geeks – will be able to meet at this sort of “speed-dating event” for pedal lovers.

There’s some exciting stuff in this list, in particular, we can’t wait to put our hands on T-Rex’s Analog Tape Echo pedal, which brings real tape back from the dead! I don’t think anybody saw that coming…

Delays and derivatives (Echos and Loopers) seem to have captured the imagination of many manufacturers this year, with EHX putting out a serious contender in the Looper category, and Strymon doing their usual super-thorough job in opening up all options and (great sounding) soundscapes in the Digital Dual Delay department.

DigiTech is also showcasing a strong delay concept with the Obscura, which centers its focus on the character added by tone degrading effects. But if all you want is a simpler, analog delay/reverb with character and lots of options, check out VFE’s Yodoler.

Experimental guitarists should check out Malekko’s Scrutator, which takes bit and sample reduction (also called “lo-fi) to new levels with multiple setting expression pedal integration, while lovers of the always classy tremolo effect will have to fiddle around with the flexible and great sounding Vertigo, which is part of Source Audio’s new series of pedals featuring a cleaner and more classic look.

See them / hear them on your own guitar on September 19-20 at Main Drag Music!