Alexander 1

The Alexander Pedals Magnolia Vintage Overdrive is a more traditional release from a manufacturer that got us used to creative if not quirky designs. It’s presented as a “smooth and sultry overdrive” with two selectable drive modes and a three-way EQ section.

Sweeter than summer sweat on a hot August night, Magnolia is your smooth and sultry companion. Featuring a fully adjustable tone stack and two selectable drive modes, it’s as comfortable as your favorite jeans. Step on it and get back to what matters – the music.


Level: Controls the output level of the pedal.

Drive: Adjusts the gain and distortion of the pedal.

Toggle: Selects two different clipping and compression modes. Up for louder and more open, down for more compression and dirt.

Treble / Middle / Bass: Passive three-band tone stack, voiced like a vintage American amplifier.