Atomic Amps and Studio Devil, who’ve been providing amp emulation for our Stompbox Exhibits in the shape of this rad red baby for a few years now, just released a new pedal called Ampli-Firebox, and ya’ll be able to put your hands on it at the upcoming Brooklyn Stompbox Exhibit!

This pedal takes the engine of their very well received Amplifire amp/cabinet emulator, and crams the essential components of it in a regular pedal case, making it “the world’s first tube amp modeling and cabinet impulse response IR loader in a compact stompbox.”


The first thing we noticed is the very classic and solid look of the knob section and the lack of any screens – which very well deceived us into thinking this was an analog pedal (it’s not, but it sounds very analog!). The knobs give you access to all the main parameters you normally find on a regular guitar amp, including Presence and Reverb, and three stages of gain (Gain, Master and Level).

Three toggle switches give you access to a total of 9 instant amp presets, while Channel Switching Mode lets you toggle between any two custom presets instantly on the fly via footswitch. A Boost footswitch is also a welcome addition that allows for more variations in the dynamics department.

On top of that, the Ampli-Firebox editor lets you upload other emulation from the Amplifire bank and access extra effects like overdrive, compressor, and gate.