We are very excited to see that pedal videographer Just Nick picked up the Lightning Boy’s Thunder Knob for a video demo! This is a company we featured on our site a few months ago, and they also participated in our latest Brooklyn Stompbox Exhibit. Their High Voltage 12AX7 Tube Overdrive kicks asses, more info below!

The Thunder Knob is a new, all-tube design that runs a 12AX7 vacuum tube at nearly 200 volts to deliver lush tube tone with tons of headroom.  The pedal takes a standard 9v DC power input and boosts it internally via our custom low noise DC to DC voltage booster. Any standard 9v pedal adapter will work if it can output at least 350mA of current.

A really cool feature is the Thunder switch.  This switch toggles between “Normal” which is a mellow tone and a mild degree of distortion (think early stage of break up from a tube amp) and “Thunder,” which offers increased distortion, treble, and volume.  Plus, when “Thunder” is engaged the Lightning Boy logo lights up! – More info here.