The Ibanez Tube Screamer is undoubtedly one of the most popular and successful overdrive pedals of all time. The company launched the line in the late Seventies with the TS808 and currently produces seven different Tube Screamer models.

Now the lineup is about to get a new flavor. Ibanez has just announced that it will expand its offering with the NTS, or NuTube Screamer, overdrive. The pedal includes the usual controls for Drive, Level and Tone and adds a Mix knob that lets you set the balance between your clean and overdriven signals.

The biggest change in the NTS, however, is the use of Korg’s NuTube technology to add a new dimension of tube-like tone. Found in amps like the Vox AV50, NuTube operates like a traditional triode vacuum tube and produces characteristically rich overtones. But the tube is less than 30% of the size of a standard tube, requires much less power and has a lifespan of 30,000 continuous hours (versus 2,000–3,000 for typical preamp tubes), making it perfect for the Tube Screamer’s compact design and durable construction.

The new pedal joins the ranks of popular Tube Screamers, like the TS808, TS9 and TS808DX pedals, which you can hear below:

Ibanez hasn’t released an official demo of the NTS, but this videos from Remy Hansen and Sweetwater show it in action. Go here for more about the Tube Screamer lineup. –  Christopher Scapelliti