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Image courtesy of Strymon

Those who like the distortion of their amp but still use stompboxes for delay and modulation effects, should be aware of how to connect the various pieces together – the order greatly influences the results!

The educational videos below by Brian at Wampler Pedals go through the basics. Those of you who like to read can check out this page by Strymon that goes in depth with a few different options (we “stole” the picture above from it!).

In April of this year (2016) I created a video showing why you’d want to run some effects through the effects loop of an amp when possible. I had some comments asking me specifically *how* to connect them to the effects loop. As a result, I’ve created this video for you. – Brian Wampler

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Some readers were wondering where you place a fuzz pedal in a similar chain. We asked this question in person to Brian Wampler at the 2017 NAMM show, and his answer was: “as close as possible to the guitar.”