GLab Uproar Fuzz

G-Lab (aka “Guitar Laboratory”) is a Polish company dedicated to pedalboards, Power Supplies, and also pedals, who just released a series of very streamlined line of effects called “Rebel” (divided in Analog Rebel and Digital Rebel).

The Uproar Fuzz (also called UF-1) belongs to the analog side of things and, like all the other pedals in the line, only features three knobs: Tone, Gain and Volume, but there are also unexpected MIDI IN and MIDI THRU connections in the back, which are actually very limited in scope: they are there to allow remote on/off operations.

EytschPi42 took a deep look at this baby in the video review below, check it out!


A powerful and discrete analogue REBEL Fuzz stompbox. 

Let your guitar get in an uproar with just one click and infest everyone within the hearing range. Uproar Fuzz is armed with three potentiometers for broad setting possibilities to match every genre.  

Everything is safely enclosed in a powder-coated metal housing with a legendary footswitch you can find in other g-lab’s products, which ensures excellent results on the demanding scene over the years. 

The REBEL line features a TRUE BYPASS with quiet switching and MIDI communication. 

Basic characteristics: 

– Gain adjustment 

– Tone adjustment 

– Effect volume adjustment 

– Metal on/off footswitch 

– MIDI IN and MIDI THRU for MIDI commands  

– LED overdrive indicator  

– Electromechanical relay TRUE BYPASS 

– Power 9 V DC 

– Side ports 

– Mount holes for easy installation on a pedalboard 

– Robust powder-coated aluminium and steel housing