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Based in Elk Grove Village, IL, just outside of Chicago, Function f(x) makes edgy stompboxes that are fun to explore.

Recently Mike Hermans took a look at the Gate Crasher Octave Fuzz, a gnarly, octave up gated fuzz based on CMOS logic integrated circuits. Besides the expected Gate and Volume knobs, the pedal features controls for (Octave) Blend, Tone and Texture, which open up a slew of sonic possibilities.

Check out the video!

The Gate Crasher octave fuzz is a gnarly octave-up fuzz that produces controllable gated fuzz tones with over-the-top octave harmonics. Under the hood, the Gate Crasher relies on CMOS logic integrated circuits to create the chaos. There are no finicky, temperamental vintage components inside, so you can be sure your tone is the same regardless of ambient temperature at the gig or in the studio. The circuit design is novel and not based on any pre-existing commercial products or DIY projects. In other words, this ain’t your grandpa’s octave fuzz, nor did we “borrow” the circuit from our peers. If you want a more vintage-like octave fuzz, check out our signature pedal The Cannon.

The Gate Crasher octave fuzz features several controls to shape the insanity, including a Gate control, a two-band tone stack (Tone and Texture), an octave Blend, and Volume. This five-knob fuzz can create a wide range of sonic mayhem, from woolly low-end fuzz to angry “bees in a can + chainsaw”, all with an octave up riding on top (which can be dialed down, if desired).

As with all Function f(x) pedals, the Gate Crasher octave fuzz features a soft-touch, relay-based true bypass switching system.

Outrageous octave fuzz tones
Gate, Tone, Texture, Blend, and Volume knobs for extreme tonal control
Soft touch (true) bypass
Top mounted jacks
Laser-etched artwork
9v DC operation (industry standard)
~15mA current draw (10mA when bypassed)
Enclosure size: 4.78? x 2.61? x 1.6? (12.14 x 6.63 x 4.05 cm)
Weight: 10 oz (283 g)