Fuhrmann Echoes

Brazilian company Fuhrmann is very popular in its home country but not so much (yet) around the world.

Their Echoes is a rather simple but sweet-sounding Tap Tempo delay with three modes (Digital, Modulated and Analog) and a filter that affects the delay’s tale.

Hear how it sounds, below.

Fuhrmann Echoes Tap Delay

Tap delay pedal with digital processing and three different modes to suit the most demanding musicians. The repetition time can be adjusted either by the Time knob or by the Tap. It allows to control the repetitions through the led.


  • Level – regulates the level of the effect
  • Time – regulates the delay time (0 to 1 second)
  • Filter – acts on the effect tail
  • Mode – key for the three modes – digital, modulation and analog
  • Feedback – regulates the length of repetitions
  • Tap Tempo – quarter note and punctuated eighth note


  • Buffer switching
  • Consumption: 65ma
  • Weight: 12.5oz

Requires a 9V power supply with negative center pin (P4 plug 2.1mm). If the source is reversed, the pedal will not turn on.