drifter e1505406421837

Floating Forest is a Long Island based, one-man-manufacturer whose new pedal, The Drifter, arouse a lot of curiosity at the 2017 edition of the Brooklyn Stompbox Exhibit – kids loved it too!

This device is an echo/tremolo with a… luminous twist: while the echo side of things is pretty straightforward, the tremolo can be controlled either through your regular speed/depth knobs, or through a photo cell that closes the filter/volume when it’s dark and opens it when it’s bright. A handy USB ports allows you to plug in a light like in the picture that can be pointed at the photo cell; a side knob, then, allows you to control the speed of the light’s – how should we call it… – LFLO? (Low Frequency Light Oscillation).

In other words, the USB light fades in and out, activating the photo-cell-triggered tremolo, and that side knob controls the speed of the light’s fluttering.

Yeah, not the easiest thing to explain through words, and that’s why, during the Brooklyn Stompbox Exhibit, we took this video with Floating Forest’s own Tony Artusa in one of Main Drag Music’s Iso Booths!

P.S. This video’s audio was taken with a Samson Go Mic Mobile 2 Channel Handheld Wireless System (one wireless mike on the amp, one for the interview!).