If you are a fuzz-head, you know that inside the classic Fuzz Face pedals you can find either Germanium or Silicon transistors – we wrote more in depth about this in our Best Fuzz-Face Clones article.

The DuoFace by Fredric Effects incorporates both versions in one pedal through two completely separate circuits. It also gives you independent Bias controls for each mode to deliver both smooth tones or sputtery effect typical of gated fuzzes.

Check out the sound of the Fredric Effects DuoFace Fuzz in the video below.

The Fredric Effects DuoFace fuzz is based on two versions of the classic Fuzz Face* circuit, combined into a single pedal for maximum versatility. Uniquely, the DuoFace incorporates both the silicon transistor version and the germanium transistor version of the FF circuit through the use of a voltage converter. The circuits are distinct and separate and have independent bias controls.