Born in 2013, Richmond, VA’s Foxpedal follows its mission to “create products for musicians who thrive on art and beauty” through a proud no-nonsense philosophy that makes them state, in their “about us” page:

We are not boutique – Well, at least in the worst sense of the word. In the guitar-effects world, boutique has become synonymous with companies who build small batches, are hard to get a hold of, don’t deliver on time, and don’t stand behind their quality or craftsmanship…

…we won’t sacrifice quality or dependability. We build with high-quality components tuned to sound great. If that means some NOS Russian oil capacitors, then so be it. If that means a PCB stacked with surface-mount components, that just fine as well.

The company last year unveiled a new fuzz stompbox (the Defector, which is already out of stock) and, more recently, three “V2” updates to existing pedals for the Wrath (RAT inspired distortion) the Magnifica (spring-like reverb) and the Refinery (OTA based compressor), featuring top-mount Jacks, soft-touch relay bypass switch, and updated graphics.

We wrote about the Foxpedal Defector a few weeks ago, check out the videos of the company’s latest four pedals in the gallery below (click opens video).