Eventide Android H9 Control

Eventide Audio is now offering Android support for the company’s popular H9 Harmonizer pedal. The company made the announcement at Winter NAMM 2018.

A beta version of H9 Control for Android is now available for download and will work on Android phones and tablets. To get the beta, apply to become a tester for the app here. You’ll quickly receive a link to the app and full instructions on how to download it.

H9 Control lets users do everything that can be done via the front panel of the H9 Harmonizer as well as create set lists and purchase algorithms. Fans of the H9 have been requesting an Android-compatible app for the unit for years. H9 Control has been available for Windows, Mac and iOS.

Check out Delicious Audio’s video about H9 Control for Android below, and visit EventideAudio.com for more information.

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And in case you are wondering what that other white box on the right is…