Updated Jun. 4, 2022

Dreadbox Treminator

Synth innovators Dreadbox are expanding their pedal line, this time with a new dynamic tremolo. Like most of their pedals, the Dreadbox Treminator features CV in and out and VCA control to interface with other pedals and modular synths. Key features include:

  • 5 Different tremolo waveforms: Triangle, Sawtooth, Reverse Sawtooth, Square, and random.
  • Tap tempo from 20 seconds to 20hz and subdivisions.-2 Dynamic Parameters that respond to your playing:
  • Fade control will fade the tremolo effect in or out every time it detects your pick attack.
  • Dynamic rate response: secondary control allows the tremolo rate to speed up or slow down every time it detects pick attack.

Here’s the video of the Treminator we shot at our NAMM 2022 Stompbox Booth.